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New Features in Smart Tracker 2


Pre-installed SIM

Smart Tracker v2 has a pre-installed SIM, it works World Wide (except for Japan and South Korea) up to 2 years


Integrated memory

Internal memory of 2gb included (can record tracking history for more than 1 year)


Audio quality improved

We improved audio quality by 47% now it can hear voice around the tracker very clearly


No Monthly Fee

You don’t have to pay any mobile subscription everything is included. Online tracking is free lifetime


Color customization

We will give choice of 3 color model (Standard yellow, blue, and fake audio player design)


Two way communication

You can hear voice around the tracker but also speak to tracker in case of emergency

Smart Tracker 2 Plus - Ultimate

Integrated sim

It works World Wide (except for Japan and South Korea) up to 3 year

Internal memory 5gb included

It can record tracking history for 3 years

Battery improved by 30%

30% more battery life compared to Smart Tracker v2 standard edition

Dock Station

Dock station included, charge your Smart Tracker v2+ and Sync data with your computer via USB

Function and features

The Smart Tracker has many functions and features built to protect anything, anywhere, anytime.

Real time tracking

Track anybody, anything, anywhere in real time.

Voice Monitor

Hear the voice around the tracker via cell phone.

Panic Button

Press the SOS button, which will subsequently instantly send an alert with location information straight to you.

Smart functions

Movement Alarm

Alerts you when the tracker is on the move.

Speeding Alarm

When the car is speeding, the tracker will instantly send you an alert.


The tracker will alert you when the tracker moves out of a Geo-Fenced area.

Shake Alarm

The tracker can alert you when the tracker shakes.

Distance Counter

Allows you to calculate your total mileage walked with the tracker.

On/Off Clock

Create a schedule for the tracker to be on or off in order to save battery. Only track items during hours they need to be tracked.

Traffic Mode

When the tracker is moving, it will report the position automatically. When the tracker settles, it will revert back into sleep mode.

Sleeping function

When the tracker can not receive signal, the device will go to sleep.

Black Box

When in real time monitoring, or in a gprs blind spot, the device will save the data automatically. Then, when the signal is regained, it will automatically send the data to the platform.

Over the Air Software Updates

Tracker will automatically download system files from the service and update itself.

Geographic Information

Tracker can relay geographic information complete with cities and street names.


High GPS accuracy

Smart Tracker is accurate up to 5m.

A-GPS Technology

The tracker will work even while underground or in tunnel.

Powerful Battery

The Smart Tracker’s battery can last up to 10 days.


Highly Waterproof

Supports a rate of 100 liters/min at a preasure of 11kN/m2 for 3 minutes.

Magnetic Cover

Attach it on to a car or any metallic equipment.


Convenient design means it can be attached to a buckle or collar.


Tracking on Mobile Phone

Use Google maps to find the location of the tracker on your mobile device.

Web Platform

Free web platform to track your Smart Tracker.

Multiple Tracker Support

Easily manage multiple trackers.


Smart Tracker’s introduction video.

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Smart Tracker’s features video.

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Indiegogo campaign

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    Julien Buschor


    About Julien Buschor

    Julien Buschor is the founder and CEO of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    Arnaud Levis

    Marketing Director

    About Arnaud Levis

    Arnaud Levis is the Marketing Director of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    Michael Seymour


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    Michael Seymour is the new co-founder of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    François Brandt


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    François Brandt is the Chief technology officer of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    Sylvain Gantin

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    Sylvain Gantin is the Creative Director of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    Alexandre Methiaz

    Electronics Engineering Lead

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    Alexandre Methiaz is the Electronics Engineering Lead of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    Florence Russell

    R&D Manager

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    Florence Russell is the R&D Manager of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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    Isaac Felman

    Social Media Manager

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    Isaac Felman is the Social Media Manager of the Smart Tracker’s project.

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